Monday, July 29, 2013

Picture Overload!!!

I have a new obsession and love!!

 A normal occurrence at our house!!

 His eyes melt me!!
My little old man!! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Daniel James Armendariz Birth Story

It all started on May 29th, I went in for my weekly check up.  I had been having some serious swelling for the past about month.  My blood pressure was high and I had gained too much water weight and had some protein in my urine.  At this point I was only dilated to a 1, but she told me your having a baby in the next 24 hours so you need to go home and head to the hospital.
I LOST it as I was leaving, I tried calling Josue and got his voicemail. This was my biggest fear.  Finally got to work and lost it when I saw my mom.  I was so ready to have him here but wasn't expecting for them to induce me.  I had text Josue to call me and called him again.  When I finally got thru to him I told him to meet me at home and we would be having a baby!

I got home packed and headed to the hospital.  They checked me in around 3:30pm They started me on citotech and let me wait it out.  I was given 3 doses and only got to a 1.5, my dr came in to tell me you better hurry up and have this baby I'm leaving on vacation in the morning.  I wasn't progressing like they had wanted me to, so at 2:30 am my doctor came back in to tell me I had 2 options, go home or have a c-section.  I wasn't prepared for either one of these, we decided to go home and be on strict bed-rest until the next Monday.
We sat around all weekend.  My mom came down and hung out with us to help us make sure we were laying low! On Friday night we went to Trio to have the Labor Pizza while Josue went golfing.  I had the pizza and we hoped that we would be having a baby shortly.  Saturday came and we had to go in for a non-stress test at the hospital, everything came back perfect and his heart beat was going perfect!  We left discouraged again.  At this point I had been to the hospital 4 days in a row never leaving with the baby on the outside!
On Sunday night we went to bed around 11:30 and at 12:30 I was up to go pee for the thousandth time that day.  As I was in the bathroom my water broke.  It was NOTHING what I expected! I wasn't having any contractions so I got back in bed to try and get a little rest as I knew we would be having a baby shortly.  About an hour later I moved a tiny bit in bed and it came out in full force.  I got up and screamed Josue my water broke.  We were on the move shortly after that.  When I got to the bathroom my water, was green (TMI).  He had had a bowel movement so I was told to get to the hospital ASAP.  When we got there the ladies were laughing cause I had just been there earlier that afternoon.  We got checked in around 3:30 and then the waiting game started.
We were trying to progress on our own so around the hospital halls we went.  We walked and my contractions started to intensify.  I was in KILLER pain. So around 5:30 I was a 2 and I got in the bath tub to see if that would help with the pain and progression.  At that point I had asked Josue to stay pregnant forever and thought there was NO way I could have a baby.  I didn't want to go thru the labor process I was scared and my perfectionist way needed to know what was going to happen.  I was determined to get to a 4 before I had drugs.  Before this day I wanted to go 100% natural, that was until it all started.
At about 11 was when they checked me and saw that I was at a 4, I had asked for the epidural at this point. The great man with the drugs came in and I decided to take a nap because I had been up since the day before at 8am. At 1 they came in to check me again and I was still at a 4 so they decided to start pitocin to help speed me up. After this we had some family there visiting and hanging out with us trying to pass some time.  I was able to feel everything on my right side so I asked for some more epidural. In the mean time of waiting for the epidural dose again they came in to check me and I was at a 10 so we wanted to start the pushing process.
I told Josue to go get something to eat quick so we both weren't starving!  Everyone looked at me like I was crazy!  They came in to give me more epidural and gave it to me and then realized I was at a 10 so he was sort of stressed he just gave me another full dose.
I pushed for 2 hours without feeling a single thing.  Then it started to fade a bit and then it was a little easier to feel. I pushed for another 50 minutes and then our sweet boy was born. He was 8 pounds 13 ounces and 21.5 inches. Since he had a bowel movement he had to be taken to the NICU nurses.  He didn't cry for 5 minutes and I was freaking out.  I had told Josue to go wherever the baby went and I would be fine.  I didn't get to see him for about 20 minutes which was the longest 20 minutes of my life.
When I finally got to see him it was the most amazing time of my life! I couldn't believe that after 9 months he was finally here.
Now onto some pictures!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Final Weeks

We have hopefully come to our final weeks before this little man is going to join us.  And can I just say I'm beyond ready.  I have really enjoyed this whole pregnancy thing up until about 3 weeks ago.  I started swelling and retaining a little bit of water and that makes life a little less comfortable.  I've been beyond lucky to have made it this far without many issues.
Here is the first blanket that I have made for him! I'm sure its the first of many

Here is the beginning of his nursery! I will have to get a complete picture now that we have much much more!

Baby shower #3 and this amazing cake that Josue's 11 year old cousin made us! We have felt beyond spoiled by everyone and their love for our expanding family!!
Funny thing about this picture, my brother told me "you look pretty in this picture" I said, "thanks I haven't been feeling great." His response, "yea, you've been looking pretty terrible lately!" Got to love brothers!!

Spending some time with these cute twins of our friends!  They make me beyond excited to be a mom! I hope my kids are as cute and well behaved as these two! I am just missing a picture of their sister LuLu!!

 Here is the latest belly pic.  This was taken at 37.5 weeks.  Hopefully there aren't many more to come from here!
 Got this picture from my cousin to show to my belly to hope he comes out to meet us all sooner than later!

Hoping the next time I post I will have a baby and then get better and posting after that!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Baby Baby....Boy coming May 2013

In September we found out I was pregnant.  A huge amount of joy came into our lives.  I had/have been feeling fabulous the whole entire time.  In October, I got extremely sick, puking for days and everyone around us was positive I was pregnant.  I wasn't going to let the cat out of the bag until we had seen a doctor.
To tell our parents we went to Josue's moms house and she had been sort of sick too, Josue was like "Mom, are you pregnant?" "No just not feeling great" Next thing out of his mouth was..."Well we are!!!" They were beyond excited for us.  Next it was off to my parents house.  If you know me I can't keep ANYTHING from my mom.  My brother had come up for dinner too.  We were all having dinner, so Josue decided to put the ultrasound picture under the salad bowl.  No one moved the bowl and it was killing me. I just kept hiding behind my hair I was so nervous to tell them.  So my dad finishes his dinner and goes to the living room.  At this point I have maybe said 5 words all dinner.
Josue decides to lift the salad bowl and try and get anyone to notice it.  First person to notice is my brother, he was in complete shock.  No my mom goes...what is that?  Then everyone was so excited.
Here is the first picture of our little guy!!
 Then around 12 weeks we went back to the Dr.  This time Josue got to come with me to see the Ultrasound and hear the baby's heartbeat!

We were then headed to California for Thanksgiving to spend it with my extended family and we knew we couldn't keep it from anyone.  On Wednesday we showed up with these shirts on. At first Josue had his shirt on and I was bundled up with a jacket.  My cousin's wife Julie was like what does your shirt mean! From there everyone was so excited and it was nice to finally relax and be open with everyone!!

 Then last week we found out it was a baby boy.  I was in shock, I was like 95% sure it was a girl and had sort of convinced Josue it was a girl.  Everyone wanted a boy so I figured it would be a girl.  Throughout this whole process I was saying that it would save me tons of money if it were a boy because the girls clothes are so much cuter!  We are over the moon with this new addition that will be joining our crazy mix the end of May!  Josue is the sweetest guy throughout this whole thing! He is going to be the best daddy in the whole world! This little guy is a lucky guy!  When she said it was a boy he was over the moon with excitement and hasn't wiped the smile off his face for days!!
 Here is the latest belly shot.  Here I am at 20 weeks!! Half way there! Hoping I keep enjoying this all as he grows and I get bigger!

Hopefully I will keep up with this blog more with updates on this little guy! Went to the Dr today and everything is looking good and he even bounced off her hand while she was feeling around for him! I can't wait to start feeling him move and having Josue get to feel too!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Life Catch Up

I always thought I would keep up with a big time on my part.  Life has been great and busy.
In May right before we got married, Josue got a new job at Deer Valley! He loves it!! He is a lift mechanic, really he makes sure the lifts work and are safe for the skiers.
One scary thing did happen to us on August 1st, I got a call from Josue saying he had just left the clinic cause he had fallen off a lift tower.  The strap that they use to hoist themselves up on the wire snapped and they just went falling down.  Luckily he had a harness on but still scary.  He and all the guys he works with got a lecture how when a work accident happens your call your wife/girlfriend on the way to the doctor not when you leave :)
Since then we have moved into a much bigger apartment in Salt Lake to hold all of our gear! Its nice for once to have a normal sized closet again.

This summer my dad got his Packard up and running which hasn't worked until I was a baby! Its been fun to drive around in and it is the light of his life!!

This past weekend we woke up to this amount of snow!!! We were both very excited to get this much snow but I really don't like cleaning it! Isn't that a husbands job?

 This summer we also were housesitting and this handsome guy came up and hung out with us! He would only hang around when Josue wasn't home so I started calling him by boyfriend! I think he was protecting me when I was alone! I've never seen a moose this close, I was just through a sliding glass door from him!
 This guy turned 26 in October! He is just the light of my life! I honestly don't know what I would do without him! Not a day goes by I'm not thankful for him! He can get me to giggle when I'm having the worst of days!

 For Halloween, Josue came up with the idea to be LEGOS! It was a super easy costume to make but a little big and awkward to wear!
Hopefully I will get better at updating the blog!